Alex & Laura Draeger of Therma Shield Solar Control

A little about our guests. 

Alex & Laura have been together for 6 years and started in business together right away. Alex fell madly in love when he saw how well Laura could prep a window.

At age 8 Alex started a paper route, so he started being an entrepreneur very young. Alex served in the Air Force and was a survival instructor. He and Laura hope to create another business teaching survival training classes like those you see on Bear Grylls. 

Laura met Alex in 2009 on a blind date. She started working with him soon after. She became more involved with the business. She has a Bachelor’s in Organizational Management. Before meeting Alex, Laura had several businesses in construction clean-up, house-cleaning and elder care.

They have a son, Gunner, age 13. He is already being trained in the business.

A little about their business. 

Both Laura and Alex work on the installation of the window films. Laura also takes care of the back-office including all finances while Alex does all the bidding, estimates and sales. Laura is dipping her toe into the sales arena.

They are also creating a civilian survival school based on shows like Naked and Afraid and Bear Gryllis. Look for a future announcement, especially if you enjoy hiking, back-country skiing, or camping.

One piece of advice (the nutshell version)

Laura: Choose wisely. If you are not a good mate in marriage. If you are not good mates, you won’t make good business partners.

Alex: Eat, sleep, and breath your business. If you don’t live your business, you won’t be successful. You must be 100% committed to the business.

Reading Material

The Neighbor by Lisa Gardner (Murder Mystery)
The Killing Floor / Jack Reacher by Lee Child

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