Jim & Maura Sweeney of New Vision Entertainment

A little about our guests. 

Jim & Maura have been together 38 years and married 34 years. They started these businesses together (and each is a part of the other’s business) about 5 years ago. This is the third time Jim and Maura worked together. They worked together at the same company out of college and later built a very successful manufacturers rep firm in the computer industry.

This time around they chose lifestyle businesses that combine their personal interests and global travel as they enjoy Life Re-Imagined.

They have a daughter and Maura home-schooled her while staying busy with their business.

Both are originally from New Jersey and Jim hails from exit 7A off the New Jersey turnpike for all you Great Adventure fans.

A little about their business. 

Jim created MIKE the Microphone, the first universal animated brand in sports. MIKE, or Mr. Rophone, has penned numerous downloadable comic books, blogs and recently launched the MIKE on Sports podcast. Jim also serves as back office operations for Maura’s website and podcast and he does the scheduling and facilitating for her international speaking appearances.

Maura inspires people to be “Living Happy – Inside Out.” She is a 21st century cultural journalist who is passionate about people and what is best in all of us. She is an international speaker, podcaster, Huffington Post contributor and frequent radio guest. Her favorite is to speak about how you can live your happiest life from the inside, out. She is the Ambassador of Happiness.

Maura also serves as the publisher of Jim’s MIKE Sports Comic Book series.

One piece of advice (the nutshell version)

If you love what you’re doing and it makes you happy, it helps you grow and expand yourself and your happiness in life. If you don’t love what you do, you will become discouraged.

Reading Material

Jim’s Book on Amazon.com
Maura also reads non-fiction books to see cultural trends.

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www.Maura4U.com, Maura@Maura4U.com