Drs. Aaron & Susan Arnold of Pediatric Dental Associates of Randolph

A little about our guests. 

They are both dentists, Aaron is a general dentist and Susan is an orthodontist. They met when attending Farleigh Dickinson University in 1985, married since 1990. They have 3 children, all are in college. Matthew is going to dental school and will be working with Dr. Mom and Dr. Dad in the future.  They always made sure that whenever there was something to do with the kids, one of them was always with the kids. They always had each other’s back. They truly enjoy treating children and working with each other. IF he wasn’t a dentist, Aaron would have been an architect.

A little about their business. 

Susan decided to go into orthodontics and after working in a general practice, decided to become a pediatric dentist and become Susan’s best resource. After their residencies, they decided to start a practice in Randolph, NJ so they could share the responsibilities of the office and the home and kids. Aaron takes care of business and bills, Susan takes care of the office staff and day-to-day operations. Recently, they sold their practice but continue to practice dentistry without having to do day-to-day operations.

One piece of advice (the nutshell version)

If you work for someone, gain from those around you what they are good at and what their weaknesses are.  That will be a tremendous asset when you move into your own business.

You must 100% trust each other in all aspects of business and life. Have the same philosophical approach and values as your spouse.

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