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A little about our guests. 

Rob and Janelle have been together for 14 years (married 13 years) and in business with each other the past 11 years. Although they work together, they do have their separate work spaces. They have 3 boys, his, hers and ours, the youngest being home-schooled by Janelle. They enjoy geocaching with their kids. (NOTE: the recreational activity of hunting for and finding a hidden object by means of GPS coordinates posted on a website.)

They enjoy movie night and game-night with the family. Rob is also instilling the entrepreneurial spirit in their 8 year old son as they are creating a book together. And even some of their work together turns into date night together.

A little about their business. 

Mission Date Night is all about relationships. Drs. Rob and Janelle mentor and coach couples on creating intimacy. They have several books as well as a few great podcasts. Their passion is married dating, spiritual sexuality and obliterating long-standing relationship myths.

One piece of advice (the nutshell version)

Sexual energy is how we show up in the world. It is our charisma, our creativity. When you enhance that in your relationship, you operate at a higher level.

Reading Material

Tantric Sex for Busy Couples by Diana Daffner
We suggest: Inspiring Couples in Business and In Love by Rob and Janelle Alex
Other books written by Drs. Rob & Janelle Alex

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