Erin and Kevin Jensen of Revel Furniture

A little about our guests. 

Kevin and Erin come from Indiana. Married 18 years, they have three daughters, all moving into their teenage years.

Erin started her first company making hair ties for her girls. Three girls always losing hair ties was getting to be expensive. What started for her as a way to save money turned into a cottage business.

Kevin had his own construction company for 17 years before starting Revel Furniture. With his background, creating furniture pieces was a natural transition.

A little about their business.

Ten years into marriage, three children, work, business, sports…all the things that take intimacy right out of a marriage. So, when Kevin and Erin went shopping for furniture that could help them spice up their sex lives, all they found were pieces that required a special locked room of its own, were cheaply made, and were just not appropriate in a home with children.

The quest to create elegant furniture with a sensual purpose began and Revel Furniture was born. While there was some hesitation in creating a “sex furniture” business, coming from a conservative background, they quickly realized there is a need in a segment of the population that is looking to enhance romance in a crazy, busy world.

One piece of advice (the nutshell version)

Be patient with each other. Have respect. Give each other space.

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