Karl & Shannon Phillips of My Gym Children’s Fitness Center

A little about our guests. 

Karl and Shannon are all about kids. Karl is one of eight children. The family was very athletic and Karl played college football and earned his degree in Exercise Science.

Shannon is a wife, mother, business owner, and a passionate fan of My Gym. She comes from Kentucky and started working for My Gym right out of college.

Both Karl and Shannon worked for my gym before moving to Texas and opening their own My Gym Children’s Fitness Center. Their 2 year old daughter is the ambassador, greeter, and all around face of My Gym at the Woodlands.

A little about their business.

After college both Shannon and Karl went to work for My Gym Children’s Fitness Center. With their background and passion for health and fitness for the whole family, a children’s fitness center was perfect.

They worked for My Gym Children’s Fitness Center for 6 years before deciding to go out on their own. They moved to Texas and opened their first gym in The Woodlands. After four successful years, they opened their second gym in Houston.

One piece of advice (the nutshell version)

Really do your research on a business before you start any business. Know what you need to put into the business and be realistic about the return on your investment.

Truly know your spouse. Have respect and understanding. Learn how to communicate.

Reading Material

Small Business for Dummies by Eric Tyson
Any Business for Dummies book

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