Frank & Tessa Graham of IntellaTrinsic

A little about our guests. 

Frank is a tennis buff, former tennis pro from Maine. Frank studied architecture and relocated to Colorado. He began to work for his former father-in-law and moved up in the company.

Tessa is originally from the Philippines and relocated to Colorado with her family. She was a contractor and interior decorator, but never crossed paths with Frank in their professional lives.

Frank and Tessa saw each other across a crowded room. Tessa knew right away she and Frank were meant to be and she set about getting her guy. That was 22 years ago and they have been together in business and life almost since the beginning.

A little about their business.

Frank and Tessa began their entrepreneurial life together in network marketing. They succeeded in their first company and created a team of people, many of whom remained with them over the years. They saw success is several companies, not so much success in several more and eventually stepped out of network marketing.

A few years ago, they were approached by the CEO of a nutrition based company that was looking to rebrand and needed trainers with experience. First, Frank needed to lose about 80 pounds on the program and then they set about creating the new training for the branding.

It was from their years of experience and success in Network Marketing that Frank and Tessa decided to create IntellaTrinsic. Seeing a need for coaching and training throughout the Network Marketing world, Frank and Tessa work together to get those choosing the Network Marketing path to entrepreneurship on the right path.

One piece of advice (the nutshell version)

When you get into Network Marketing, be sure you have an excellent mentor. If there is something in your heart for the business, make it your own.

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