Darrin and Roxanne Carruthers of CrossTrain

A little about our guests. 

Darrin is retired Army and a Gulf War Veteran. He is a CPA and the numbers guy of the team.  He is also certified with ISSA, International Sports Sciences Association. His grandparents were entrepreneurs.

Roxanne studied at Cal State Fullerton and has a degree in business. Her parents were entrepreneurs and she worked with her parents in their businesses over the years.

They council couples together, and each of them does individual counseling. They help people through addiction such as anger, fear and co-dependency. Roxanne and Darrin take a full spectrum approach working with body, mind and spirit.

They enjoy SCUBA diving and love the water.


A little about their business. 

CrossTrain AZ exists to help you thrive in every area of life, from the physical to the emotional to the spiritual. Located in sunny Gilbert, AZ, the Wyatt Place is a tranquil, all-inclusive boutique health and wellness resort providing guests an intimate health experience. We provide extensive amenities, but that is not what makes us truly special. What sets us apart is our desire to be the loudest cheerleader in your own personal fan club!

When you visit us, you will get to know the people around you like family. CrossTrain was intentionally designed to be an inviting, resort-style atmosphere, so that you’ll feel like you’re at home, supported by your family, as you learn how to achieve your life dreams and goals.

One piece of advice (the nutshell version)

Have a passion for life and people. Always be sure to balance your life between your professional and your personal lives. Take time for you outside of business.

Reading Material

Joyce Meyer and other motivational books.

Get in Touch with Our Guests


2036 E. Wyatt Way
Gilbert, AZ  85297

Darrin 480-993-7603 | Roxanne 480-239-8927