156: Doug and Elicia Miller, Individual & Couple’s Emotional Healing

A little about our guests.  Elicia was always a marketer, someone with an intuitive sense of new ideas for a business or even a completely new business. She received her marketing degree and went on to become a top salesperson for an HR outsourcing solutions company. When he was 14, [...]

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155: Erin and Kevin Jensen of Revel Furniture

A little about our guests.  Kevin and Erin come from Indiana. Married 18 years, they have three daughters, all moving into their teenage years. Erin started her first company making hair ties for her girls. Three girls always losing hair ties was getting to be expensive. What started for her [...]

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154: Tori and Michael Tolbert of Blaqueline Entertainment Magazine

A little about our guests.  Tori is a former sports agent and would manage up to 20 plus athletes at a time. That’s how she met Michael, as his manager. Michael was a recent graduate of Baylor University and had become a professional football player. Soon after they met and [...]

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153: Antia & Broderick Boyd of Find The One

A little about our guests.  Antia and Broderick were in the same place in their lives, separately. Both were struggling to find “the one.” Struggling, depressed, frustrated, and alone, they each hired a dating coach (not the same one) began to understand what was going on, and found each other. [...]

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152: David and Megan Taylor of Mobius Nutrition

A little about our guests.  David is Canadian born and Texas raised, one of five boys. He enjoys weightlifting. Megan has been a dancer all her life and has a passion for teaching as well as dancing. With such active lifestyles, their love of fitness and health as well as [...]

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151: Tom and Lisa Bilyeu of Impact Theory

A little about our guests.  Tom is all about greatness and empowering others. In fact, he has been featured on The School of Greatness podcast as well as the Tony Robbins podcast and has spoken on stages worldwide. Conferences and seminars include Abundance 360, A-fest and Freedom Fast Lane. Tom [...]

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150: Diane Halfman & Kerry Mensior of SpaLife

A little about our guests.  Diane and Kerry are all about balance and living the SpaLife. Diane is an author, speaker, and the creator of the Clutter to Calm Academy. Diane also sponsors a child in a foreign, chairs “Women of Karma.” Diane spent 10 years as a San Diego [...]

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149: Karl & Shannon Phillips of My Gym Children’s Fitness Center

A little about our guests.  Karl and Shannon are all about kids. Karl is one of eight children. The family was very athletic and Karl played college football and earned his degree in Exercise Science. Shannon is a wife, mother, business owner, and a passionate fan of My Gym. She [...]

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148: Peter & Jennifer Diepstraten of High Ticket Sales Success

A little about our guests.  Jennifer and Peter have been together for 7 years and in business together for 4. “Married for life,” they have 4 children, his, hers and ours. A little about their business. Peter and Jennifer are on a mission to empower entrepreneurs and teach them how [...]

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147: David and Suzanne Solomon of Uphill House B&B

A little about our guests.  David and Suzanne Solomon are the prequel to Episode 146, Samantha and Scott Darling, the other owners of Uphill House B&B. Sam is the daughter of David and Suzanne. David and Suzanne have been together 36 years and married for 35. They have 2 daughters, [...]

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