139: Amanda Thompson and David De Jesus of Delightfully Vixen

A little about our guests.  Amanda was born in Louisiana, then moved to Oklahoma, Arizona, and Florida as a child. She returned to Arizona as an adult. David hails from Chicago and is a big sports fan. Amanda received her Bachelor’s degree in Human Behavioral Studies and is working toward [...]

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138: Bodie and Mitchell Campagna of Mitchell J Architecture

A little about our guests.  Bodie and Mitchell have been married since 1992 and in business together since 1998. Bodie is a SoCal girl. A graduate of San Diego State University, Bodie actually started in the Real Estate business at the ripe old age of 12, helping her mother with [...]

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137: Michael & Debbye Cannon of Power Couple Consulting

A little about our guests.  Michael and Debbye have been a couple for nearly 50 years. High school sweethearts, they had a long courtship (7 years) when Michael went off to Westpoint and then served in the army. Michael is a LTC, Ret. From the US Army. He’s also been [...]

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136: Gleb Tsipursky and Agnes Vishnevkin of Intentional Insights

A little about our guests.  Gleb and Agnes love their scientific-evidence based conversations so much, they created a company to educate people and companies on the concept of rational thinking and wise decision making. Gleb is an author, speaker, consultant, coach, and social entrepreneur. He holds a PhD in the [...]

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135: Rocky and Cheryl Detwiler of Samson Life

A little about our guests.  Rocky made it all, lost is all and made it all back again, bigger and better than before. After unknowingly getting into a Ponzi scheme, Rocky lost his money, home, and family. Things did not look good. He rebuilt his life focusing on his own [...]

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134: Ali & Stephanie Afonja of Holistic Family Solutions

A little about our guests.  Adetokunboh (Ali) Afonja was born in Birmingham, AL, moved with his family to Lagos, Nigeria. After seven years, the Afonja family moved back to the states and settled in NY. Ali was always into sports and physical fitness. In the US Navy, he became the [...]

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132: Heather and Jonathan Boorman of Boorman Counseling

A little about our guests.  Heather is from Green Bay, WI while Jonathan hails from just outside London, England. Heather and Jonathan met when they were both working at a summer camp. After falling in love and moving back to the US, they started in Colorado before moving back to [...]

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131: Treat Your Business Cards Like Gold

About the show Ever been to a networking event where someone in the crowd plays the card game? You know the game. It is where a business owner runs around the room as fast as they can and hands their business card to anyone who will take it. There is [...]

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130: Aaron and Jocelyn Freeman of New Power Couples

A little about our guests.  Aaron and Jocelyn both grew up to be very different people from the power couple they are today. Aaron was an athlete and kept his guard up when it came to women. Commitment was a foreign word and he even tried to break up with [...]

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129: Is Your Email Address Professional?

About the show Take a look at your business card or your signature on emails. What is your business email address? If you are still using a business email address that is your_business_name@aol.com or MyBusiness@Earthlink.net, you are projecting an amateurish and non-professional face to the world. Whether you’re in business [...]

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