149: Karl & Shannon Phillips of My Gym Children’s Fitness Center

A little about our guests.  Karl and Shannon are all about kids. Karl is one of eight children. The family was very athletic and Karl played college football and earned his degree in Exercise Science. Shannon is a wife, mother, business owner, and a passionate fan of My Gym. She [...]

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148: Peter & Jennifer Diepstraten of High Ticket Sales Success

A little about our guests.  Jennifer and Peter have been together for 7 years and in business together for 4. “Married for life,” they have 4 children, his, hers and ours. A little about their business. Peter and Jennifer are on a mission to empower entrepreneurs and teach them how [...]

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147: David and Suzanne Solomon of Uphill House B&B

A little about our guests.  David and Suzanne Solomon are the prequel to Episode 146, Samantha and Scott Darling, the other owners of Uphill House B&B. Sam is the daughter of David and Suzanne. David and Suzanne have been together 36 years and married for 35. They have 2 daughters, [...]

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146: Samantha & Scott Darling of Uphill House B&B

A little about our guests.  Samantha (Sam) and Scott Darling are history and travel buffs who spent a few years nomadic before opening the Uphill House B&B. Scott is a graduate of New Mexico State University and Sam went to Ole Miss. They met in Arkansas while serving in the [...]

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145: Nina Holmes and Mike Stemple of Inspirer

A little about our guests.  Nina and Mike have founded and built over 2 dozen companies between them. Nina and Mike met when Mike was mentoring Nina as she started up her new eCommerce business. Working together, they fell in love and Nina decided to join Mike in launching the [...]

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144: Sharon and Jim Girodo of Our Storiez

A little about our guests.  Sharon and Jim both come from the television industry, back when it was still fun. Separately and together they have been involved in marketing, promotion, production, and even created their own television show. Jim and Sharon have been married and in business together just over [...]

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143: Karey and Eric Northington of Northington Fitness and Nutrition

A little about our guests.  Karey and Eric met 4 years ago and have a son, Nolan. Both are very into working out, competing and Karey is a fitness model as well. Karey has always been a fitness buff. She worked as a nurse and went back to work after [...]

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142: Frank & Tessa Graham of IntellaTrinsic

A little about our guests.  Frank is a tennis buff, former tennis pro from Maine. Frank studied architecture and relocated to Colorado. He began to work for his former father-in-law and moved up in the company. Tessa is originally from the Philippines and relocated to Colorado with her family. She [...]

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141: Larry and Sondra Lambert of Galaxy Hypnosis

A little about our guests.  Larry is a Midwestern farm boy. He was raised in Indiana and joined the Army at the ripe old age of 17. Larry retired after 20 years of service. He went on to work at the US Department of Defense as a contractor before becoming [...]

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140: Carmen & Darius Britt of Brade Street Properties

A little about our guests.  Carmen hails from our nation’s capital and Darius is from South Carolina. Carmen has a Master’s Degree in Communications and Darius is an Industrial Engineer, a career that led him to the path of owning his own real estate investing business. Both enjoy travel and [...]

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