Who We Are

barry-statueBarry Cohen

Barry Cohen is the computer guy, always has been, always will be. He has been in the computer industry for over 30 years, repairing, building and maintaining all kinds of systems. Currently, in his position as COO of the company he and Catherine own together, Barry takes care of day-to-day software issues, customer issues with the software and even throws in some hardware help for his software clients. He also continues to repair and build computers.

Barry takes care of all things technical on the podcast Together 24/7, as well as helps to maintain this website and any other techie thing that needs doing.

Barry is a huge Sci-Fi fan and loves all kinds of Sci-Fi movies. His favorite is Star Trek and proudly displays a light-up picture of the NCC 1701-D in his office. He even wore the Star Trek insignia on his wedding day yarmulke.

cat-statueCatherine Cohen

Catherine Cohen is the people person. She started life working in her parents’ shoe store, taking care of customers, helping with inventory, and she even started networking as a teen. From being a lifeguard and swim instructor to being the software trainer in their current company, Catherine enjoys creating curriculum, teaching, and learning. She has also always been the sales person in their businesses.

Catherine does the writing for the podcast, website, and newsletter, as well as books the guests for Together 24/7. She enjoys meeting people and getting to know all about them.

Catherine is also a Sci-Fi fan, a Billy Joel fan (don’t get her started), and attempted piano lessons in her youth. She also loves reading everything from Arthurian fiction to business books and a lot in between. She is not a fan of romance novels.

Even though she is a bigger Star Wars fan, Catherine had the United Federation of Planets logo put onto the train of her wedding dress in honor of her husband.

Together 24/7

Having fun while running a business has been the motto of Barry and Catherine since they opened their first business together in 2003. After hearing for the millionth time how “you two really need your own show, you’re so funny,” Catherine and Barry learned about podcasting and it all came together perfectly.

Together 24/7 is a fun and informative show interviewing other crazy couples that are in business together. What makes us all crazy, you ask? Being sweethearts with your business partner and business partners with your sweetheart. The concept of being together with someone all the time, business and pleasure, scares the heck out of most couples.

But to those couples that looked at each other and said “we are in love enough and insane enough to start our own business. And we are strong enough, smart enough and tenacious enough to make it succeed,” welcome to the community.

Our intention is to provide laughs, information, ideas, and a place to ask questions and have them answered.

Our Crazy Skills

Joyfullness 97
Tenaciousness 95
Optimism 85
Predictability 1