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156: Doug and Elicia Miller, Individual & Couple’s Emotional Healing

Doug and Elicia Miller, Individual & Couple’s Emotional Healing

A little about our guests. 

Elicia was always a marketer, someone with an intuitive sense of new ideas for a business or even a completely new business. She received her marketing degree and went on to become a top salesperson for an HR outsourcing solutions company.

When he was 14, Doug knew he was going to become a psychologist. It was a calling to self-awareness as well as a calling to help others. Doug became a clinical and forensic psychologist.

Doug and Elicia are married and have been together 4 years. Both are passionate about working together and say they were not truly whole until they met.

A little about their business.

Doug and Elicia have developed practices individually and together. Their work is in emotionally healing individuals and couples.

One of the things that makes Doug and Elicia unique is their approach to healing. It is both clinical and intuitive. They come from a heart-centered space to create heart-centered awareness.

Doug and Elicia bring what they learned in their own healing journeys, both individually and as a couple, into the work they do.

One piece of advice (the nutshell version)

Look at your beliefs and how you value yourself before you begin your business. And always walk on the sunny side of the street.

Reading Material

The Hero with a Thousand Faces by Joseph Campbell

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155: Erin and Kevin Jensen of Revel Furniture

Erin and Kevin Jensen of Revel Furniture

A little about our guests. 

Kevin and Erin come from Indiana. Married 18 years, they have three daughters, all moving into their teenage years.

Erin started her first company making hair ties for her girls. Three girls always losing hair ties was getting to be expensive. What started for her as a way to save money turned into a cottage business.

Kevin had his own construction company for 17 years before starting Revel Furniture. With his background, creating furniture pieces was a natural transition.

A little about their business.

Ten years into marriage, three children, work, business, sports…all the things that take intimacy right out of a marriage. So, when Kevin and Erin went shopping for furniture that could help them spice up their sex lives, all they found were pieces that required a special locked room of its own, were cheaply made, and were just not appropriate in a home with children.

The quest to create elegant furniture with a sensual purpose began and Revel Furniture was born. While there was some hesitation in creating a “sex furniture” business, coming from a conservative background, they quickly realized there is a need in a segment of the population that is looking to enhance romance in a crazy, busy world.

One piece of advice (the nutshell version)

Be patient with each other. Have respect. Give each other space.

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154: Tori and Michael Tolbert of Blaqueline Entertainment Magazine

Tori and Michael Talbert of Blaqueline Entertainment Magazine

A little about our guests. 

Tori is a former sports agent and would manage up to 20 plus athletes at a time. That’s how she met Michael, as his manager. Michael was a recent graduate of Baylor University and had become a professional football player.

Soon after they met and began dating, they started a recruiting company. Over the years they created several companies together including BLAQUELINE Entertainment Magazine.
Micahel and Tori have been together 11 years and have 3 children, a 30-year-old, a teenager (14!) and the youngest is 6.

A little about their business.

Entrepreneurship has always been in Tori and Michael’s blood. They cannot think of a better way to earn a great living than to be their own boss and work together.

In 2002, Tori started BLAQUELINE Entertainment which was an artist management company. After she and Michael got together, they created BLAQUELINE Entertainment Magazine focusing on celebrities and entrepreneurship.

In recent years and with Michael’s encouragement, the magazine is moving in a direction of empowering women to be confident, women entrepreneurs, and following women’s lives after domestic abuse.

Through the years, Tori and Michael have created several businesses, some successful, some not as much. But always together.

One piece of advice (the nutshell version)

Stay motivated and relentless in your pursuit of what you want.
Define what success means for you, as a couple, together.

Reading Material

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho
The Gold Standard by Ari Gold

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